Cardinal Bus Passes

Buying a termly bus pass from Cardinal Buses is easy, saves you money and hassle.

Step 1

Select the desired bus route number

Step 2

Select the desired pick up location

Step 3

Enter details & upload photo and hit Add to Cart

Step 4

Make online payment through your bank

Things to know

Can I give my pass to others to use?

Bus Passes are valid for use only by the named holder. Passes are not transferable. The pass must be clearly shown to the driver each time a journey is undertaken.

What does my pass cover?

Your pass covers return travel on the bus route and fare zones selected at the time of purchase. All passes, as per our tickets, are issued subject to our standard conditions of carriage which are available on request.

What happens if I lose my pass?

Lost passes can be re-printed for a nominal £5 fee. Please contact the office by emailing

Will my pass be accepted on other buses?

Cardinal Bus Passes may only be used on our services. Likewise, we are unable to accept passes issued by other operators.

Do you accept passes from other operators?

We are unable to accept passes issued by other operators.

Can I use my Oyster Card?

No, we don’t accept Oyster Cards on any of our services.