881 – Three Rivers Academy




All passengers are STILL required to wear face masks when getting on and during the entirety of their bus journey.

If you are experiencing any symptoms of Coronavirus, no matter how mild, or someone in your household has symptoms of Coronavirus you may NOT travel on any bus. Visit the Government website for full details of travel guidance. 

881 – Thames Ditton – Three Rivers Academy

The 881 is a bus service running term time only, starting at Thames Ditton Weston Green Road finishing at Three Rivers Academy in Hersham in the morning and returning in the afternoon.

881 Fares

Daily and weekly tickets can be purchased on the bus (cash only).
Weekly tickets are only available to buy on Monday (am journey) for that week.

Child fares apply to children aged 5-16 and full-time students aged 16-18 (students between the ages of 16 & 19 MUST be in possession of a Surrey Student Fare Card).

Zone A: Pick up between Thames Ditton to Pool Road

Adult: Return £5.60, Single £3.40, Weekly £25.20

Child: Return £2.80, Single £1.70, Weekly £12.60

Zone B: Pick up from Molesey Road and Rydens Road

Adult: Return £4.60, Single £2.80, Weekly £20.70

Child: Return £2.30, Single £1.40, Weekly £10.30

Zone C: Pick up from Walton-on-Thames Station

Adult: Return £3.60, Single £2.20, Weekly £16.20

Child: Return £1.80, Single £1.10, Weekly £8.10


This service is available to members of the general public.


Children under 5 travel free.

Termly Pass Available

Save money and hassle with a termly pass.

Termly Pass from

881 Timetable

Effective from 2 September 2019

School days only


881 AMM,Tu,W,Th,Fr
Thames Ditton, Weston Green Road (Fare Zone A)0722
Thames Ditton Station (Fare Zone A)0725
Hampton Court Creek Road (Fare Zone A)0735
East Molesey Tesco (Fare Zone A)0738
West Molesey The Forum (Fare Zone A)0741
West Molesey New Road (Fare Zone A)0742
Hurst Road Tesco (Fare Zone A)0745
West Molesey Central Square (Fare Zone A)0750
Fleetside Fleet Close (Fare Zone A)0753
Pool Road (Fare Zone A)0754
Molesey Road, Fernback Avenue (Fare Zone B)0756
Rydens Road, Ambleside Avenue (Fare Zone B)0759
Walton-on-Thames Station (Fare Zone C)0804
Hersham Three Rivers Academy0810
881 PMMo,Tu,We,Th,FiWe only
Hersham Three Rivers Academy15101615
Walton-on-Thames Station15161621
Rydens Road, Ambleside Avenue15181623
Molesey Road, Fernback Avenue15211626
Pool Road15231628
Fleetside Fleet Close15241629
West Molesey Central Square15271632
Hurst Road Tesco15311636
West Molesey, New Road15331638
West Molesey, The Forum15351640
East Molesey, Tesco15361641
Hampton Court Creek Road15391644
Thames Ditton Weston Green Road15431648
Thames Ditton Station15451650