656 – Strodes College

656 – Sunbury Village – Strode’s College

The 656 is a bus service running term time only, starting at Three Fishes, Sunbury Village and terminating at Strode’s College, Egham in the morning and returning from Strodes College terminating at The Three Fishes, Sunbury Village in the afternoon.

656 Fares

Daily tickets can be purchased on the bus (cash or contactless payment).

Child fares apply to children aged 5-16 and full-time students aged 16-18 (students between the ages of 16 & 19 MUST be in possession of a Surrey Student Fare Card).

Zone A: Pick up from Sunbury Village up to Upper Halliford Post Office

Adult: Single £4.20, Return £6.40
Child: Single £2.10, Return £3.20

Zone B: Pick up between Upper Halliford Post Office up to Laleham Angler’s Retreat

Adult: Single £3.80, Return £6.00
Child: Single £1.90 Return £3.00

Zone C: Pick up between Laleham Angler’s Retreat up to Staines Clarence St

Adult: Single £3.20, Return £5.20
Child: Single £1.60 Return £2.60

Zone D: Pick up from Staines Clarence St

Adult: Single £2.00, Return £3.40
Child: Single £1.00 Return £1.70


This service is available to members of the general public.

Children under 5 travel free.

Termly Pass Available

Save money and hassle with a termly pass.

Termly Passes from

656 Timetable

Effective from 1 November 2020

College days only


656 AMMondays onlyTu, We, Th, Fr
Sunbury Village Three Fishes (Fare Zone A)09250735
Sunbury Cross (Fare Zone A)09330743
Upper Halliford Station (Fare Zone A)09390749
Upper Halliford Post Office (Fare Zone B)09410751
Upper Halliford Roxford Close (Fare Zone B)09420752
Shepperton Station Approach (Fare Zone B)09470757
Shepperton Green Bull (Fare Zone B)09500800
Laleham Church (Fare Zone C)09550805
Laleham Angler’s Retreat (Fare Zone C)09570807
Worple Road Pavilion Gardens (Fare Zone C)09590809
Knowle Green Worple Road (Fare Zone C)10030813
Staines Clarence Street (Fare Zone D)10100822
Egham Strode’s College10150830
656 PMMon-Fri
Egham Strode’s College1610
Staines Bus Station1622
Knowle Green Worple Road1627
Worple Road Pavilion Gardens1630
Laleham Angler’s Retreat1632
Laleham Church1634
Shepperton Green Bull1638
Shepperton Station Approach1641
Upper Halliford Post Office1644
Upper Halliford Station1645
Upper Halliford Roxford Close1647
Sunbury Cross1651
Sunbury Village Three Fishes1655

656 Farechart

Effective from 19th April 2022

FARECHART 656 Cardinal Buses APR 2022 New